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The maniacal Babidi wielding his evil mystical powers conspires with his minions to resurrect Majin Buu, the most evil being ever known throughout the history of the universe. Babidi's success threatens the universe with extinction.

Yet what emerges is probably one of DragonBall Z's most complicated beings. Who is this Buu fellow? The dramatic and musical journey we take through the Majin Sagas with Buu gives us more surprises than answers. The music of Buu reflects his many moods of evil. As he evolves, so goes the music: mystery, terror, the dichotomy of evil innocence, and more. There's over 60 minutes of music from the Buu Sagas on this CD; that's 31 tracks of terror, action, and adventure!

Don't listen to this CD in the dark.... who knows where Buu might be lurking? So watch out.... and please do not get turned into a bar of chocolate!



Power up to SSJ3 all you DBZ warriors, because here is sixty minutes of nonstop action. Z fighters, prepare to do battle with the likes of Frieza, Cell, the Androids, and even Majin Buu. Talk about Kid Buu waiting; I know all of you have been waiting for “SSJ3 Power Up.” This ascension has finally arrived after too long a wait. But great things come to those who wait. And wow, did we ever have to WAIT on Goku when he used this level of power?

As a special treat, this CD contains Goku’s musical farewell to the gang, as he and Uub fly away to train in Uub’s homeland. Does this guy ever stay home? That backstory could probably take a whole movie to explain.

Well, I am talking with the Twentieth Century Fox people about doing the music for their live action DBZ movie. What a blast writing that would be. Stay tuned for more music news from the frontlines later.

Meanwhile, it’s back to DragonBall Z!